Award-winning writer and photographer, Johny Pitts

Johny Pitts, Afropean – Saturday 12th October, 5pm – Drama Studio, Shearwood Road 

Award-winning writer and photographer, Johny Pitts investigates black culture and identity in Europe in his novel, Afropean. A Guardian Best Book of 2019, Afropean is an on-the-ground documentary of areas where Europeans of African descent are juggling their multiple allegiances and forging new identities.

Each chapter explores a different city from his hometown of Sheffield to a favela in Lisbon, nightclubs in Stockholm and universities in Moscow.

‘Afropean. Here was a space where blackness was taking part in shaping European identity … A continent of Algerian flea markets, Surinamese shamanism, German Reggae and Moorish castles. Yes, all this was part of Europe too … With my brown skin and my British passport – still a ticket into mainland Europe at the time of writing – I set out in search of the Afropeans, on a cold October morning.’

An eye-opening and timely book, interspersed with photographs, Afropean challenges the idea that ‘European’ is a synonym for ‘white’.

Tickets: £7/£6 (concs) in advance or £8/£7 (concs) on the door 

Drama Studio, Shearwood Road

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