The Storm – Akeem Balogun In conversation with Benjamin Webster

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Sun, 18 October 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Through thirteen remarkably different stories, The Storm uses the intimacy of an evocative and volatile landscape to explore the very basics of human survival, all told in a distinct and slender style of prose. This collection of stories shows us the unusual and often questionable ways in which people deal with extreme crisis and how ordinary human relationships can become distorted in severe conditions.  It features an original painting and internal artwork by Arantza Pardo, while the audiobook is performed by the exceptional dub artist and poet Rider Shafique. The Storm is the first release on Sheffield-based press, Okapi Books.  Akeem Balogun is a 28-year-old writer based in Sheffield whose fiction has appeared in various publications. He has collaborated with the likes of Found Fiction and Festival of the Mind to create project themed stories.

Uncanny, strange and funny, dreamlike and nightmarish – Kerry Hadley-Pryce

Benjamin Webster is a Yorkshire based award winning writer and the author of Hometown Tales

The Storm can be ordered http://okapibooks.com/books/the-storm



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