The Youth Word Up! A Spoken Word Podcast by Young People

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Mon, 23 November 9:00am

This year the Youth Word Up is a little different! Our usual live event at Off the Shelf Festival of Words, with its accompanying publication, has turned into… a podcast! This time around we are delighted to have young people involved from: the Sheffield Children in Care Council, Sheffield Young Carers, and Chilypep

The Youth Word Up, created by poet and activist Benjamin Zephaniah, celebrates its 9th year in 2020!Please note topics include those relating to mental health issues and experiences of being in care.

Contributing young writers: Rhia J, Jake E, Belinda, Fatema, Ellysha, Cleo, Stevo Brooks, Sara R, Rebecca O, Ary H, Eamie H, Layla Ayub, Erin Memmott, Naimh Broomhill & Frankie Donaghy-Roering

With warm thanks to the following children & young people services: Sheffield Children in Care Council (Clare Holdsworth, Max Bellwood and Tanja Ward), Sheffield Young Carers (Luke, Niall, Laura & Catriona) and Chilypep (Oliva, Emma & Charly and co). Also our fine host, Dominic Helsop|The One Devotion


Hosted by Dominic Heslop aka The One Devotion

01:28     Manifesto – Group poem by Children in Care Council
04.25    Wasps – Frankie Donaghy-Roering
05.20     Dyslexia – Stevo Brook
05.54     Dear Anxiety – Rhia J
06:36     Voices – Layla Ayub
07.32     AA – Frankie Donaghy-Roering
08.28     Things Your Teacher Should Not Call Your Foster Carer –
Ellysha (reading by Rhia J)
08:50     One of Me – Stevo Brook
11:35    Box for My Brother Who is Adopted – Fatema (reading by Rhia J)
12:45     The Sky is Falling – Jake
13:49     Turtle – Cleo (reading by Rhia J)
14:52     The This That Was Really a That – Group poem by Children in Care Council
17:03     Nervous – Stevo Brooks
17:55     Sharpener – Frankie Donaghy-Roering
19.00     Dear Judgemental people – Karina (reading by Rhia J)
20:04     PAIN – Erin Johnson
20:38    Box for Frankie – Frankie Donaghy-Roering
23:42     Some People – Group poem by Children in Care Council
27:33     Rain – Jake
29:05     Aftershock – Niamh Broomhill
29:37     The Can in Can’t – Cleo (reading by Rhia J)
30:15     Depression – Niamh Broomhill
31:18     When I was a Ladybird – Rhia J
32.21     Versions of Me – Layla Ayub
35:44     Box to myself – Belinda (reading by Rhia J)

Suitable for ages 13+ Parental Guidance applies

You do not need to book for this event.  Simply scroll down to hear the podcast.  Available until 23 November 2020


Organised by Hive South Yorkshire in association with Off the Shelf Supported by Hive South Yorkshire and local Young People’s Services

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