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Mark Radcliffe, Crossroads: One Man’s Search for the Moments that Changed Music – Monday 7th Oct, 8pm – Foundry, University of Sheffield Students’ Union

Standing at the crossroads – the Mississippi crossroads of Robert Johnson and the devil’s infamous meeting – Mark Radcliffe found himself facing his own personal crunch point. Aged sixty, he had just mourned the death of his father, only to diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer.

This momentous time in his life led Radcliffe to think about the pivotal tracks in music and how the musicians who wrote and performed them – from Woodie Guthrie to Gloria Gaynor, Kurt Cobain to Bob Marley – had reached the crossroads that led to such epoch-changing music.

In this warm, personal account of music and its power to transform our lives, the much-loved multi-award-winning BBC broadcaster and musician takes a journey through touchstone tracks, looking at the story behind the records and his own experiences as he goes in search of these moments.

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Tickets: £8/£7 (concs) in advance or £9/£8 (concs) on the door
Foundry, University of Sheffield Students’ Union

Steve Lamacq – Going Deaf for a Living – Sunday 6th October – Drama Studio, Shearwood Road 

Going Deaf for a Living is BBC broadcaster and NME legend Steve Lamacq’s candid reflection of several decades spent on the frontline of the alternative music scene of gig-going, Rockstar interviews and backstage shenanigans

Updated for the first time, Lamacq offers hand-picked gems from a fan’s view, examining what drives us, infuriates us and fascinates us about the artists across grunge, Britpop and indie we put so much faith in.

From witnessing Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers cutting `4Real’ into his arm to the infamous Oasis interview that sparked national outrage, Going Deaf for a Living provides the first-hand account of some of British music’s most memorable moments.

Tickets: £7/£6 (concs) in advance or £8/£7 (concs) on the door 

Drama Studio, Shearwood Road 

David Hepworth – A Fabulous Creation: How the LP Saved Our Lives – Tuesday 8th October 7.30pm- Drama Studio, Shearwood Road 

The era of the LP started with Sgt Pepper in 1967 and ended only 15 years later with Thriller, making way for the era of video and the Walkman. Nobody would play music or listen to it in quite the same way ever again. But in the days before digital, LPs were the only form of entertainment you could use to repeat favourite experiences. A mark of sophistication, a measure of wealth, education – and so much more, for many it was the single most desirable object in their lives.

A fabulous Creation looks is a story of that time, when musicians became ‘artists’ and listeners, ‘patrons of the arts’. Acclaimed music journalist David Hepworth examines the history of vinyl – how it revolutionised the music industry, its influence on today’s musical landscape and its recent triumphant comeback.

This is the story of how LPs save our lives.

Tickets: £7/£6 (concs) in advance or £8/£7 (concs) on the door 

Drama Studio, Shearwood Road 


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