‘Getting Trashed on Cider’ & ‘Here lies a city’s heart’

‘Getting Trashed on Cider’ by Jarvis Cocker

Off the Shelf 2005

(on the side of The Forge Student accommodation, Boston Street)

Written in steel lettering thirty feet high on the side of a student hall of residence, Jarvis Cocker’s poem opens in fairly grandiose fashion with a reference to the futures being forged within the building’s walls. From such elevated heights it quickly turns, in true Cocker style, to cruder talk, of another chief pursuit for many students: namely, getting trashed. It’s an apt tribute to the real horizon widening potential of student life, that’s social as well as scholarly.



Read by Tommi Bryson.

Tommi Bryson is a Sheffield theatremaker specialising in solo performances and comedy songs, and co-founder of monthly variety night Sounds Queer.


‘Here lies a city’s heart’  by Berlie Doherty

Off the Shelf 2013

(on benches in the centre of The Moor, Sheffield city centre)

The poem anatomises Sheffield, connecting its quiet hills the city’s ‘green bones’ to its ‘veins’ of rivers, and, deep at its centre, the city’s heart. Once the new market opens, hopefully the poem really will be right in the throbbing heart of Sheffield. Doherty also wrote the riddle trail in Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens, leading readers to all sorts of curious corners, from a fossilised tree stump to a bygone bear pit.



Read by Maria de Souza, Off the Shelf curator  


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