Jacques Peretti speaks about his influences and his book DONE

Jacques Peretti was at Off the Shelf 2017 talking about his book DONE: The Secret Deals That Are Changing Our World. He spoke to us about the books that have influenced him as well as his thoughts on Sheffield.

“Eric Hobsbawm’s The Invention of Tradition takes apart every single cherished British institution. It opened my eyes to the fact that there isn’t anything that can’t be questioned.

“Another book I really enjoyed recently was Keith Richard’s autobiography. One of the best parts is his recipe for shepherd’s pie!

“My new book DONE sees the world in a different way. It isn’t politicians that affect our lives – it is the business deals that are done. Business isn’t confined to the business pages but it is integral to everything that affects us, such as our health, our leisure and the way we work – I address this in a profound way.

“Sheffield is the home of great music. It is a remarkable city in 2,000 ways! It punches way above its weight culturally and has done so for the last two centuries. I used to drive past the towers (now gone) on the motorway and that symbolised to me the heart of the industrialisation.

Culture has so much importance to all aspects of our lives. Festivals are outposts that feed us.”

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