‘Laughter’ by Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter - Laughter

Off the Shelf 2010

(positioned in the lower foyer of The Crucible Theatre)

At the age of 76, Pinter wrote the poem while in Sheffield for a theatre season in his honour, apparently stirred by the sound of laughter that pervaded the Crucible’s bar. A startling poem, ‘Laughter’ has a dark tone that belies its title, with its references to the ‘laughing dead’.


Read by Sam West

Sam West is one of the best verse speakers of his generation and has played Hamlet, Anthony Blunt (twice) and recently become Siegfried Farnon in Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small. The son of Prunella Scales and Timothy West, he lives with his partner, the playwright Laura Wade, and their two daughters, aged six and three.


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