Live with the Laureate Drive-in FAQ

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Important information about the Drive-in Poetry event – subject to change

The safety of our staff and our attendees is our number one priority, so we’ve put together a detailed plan to ensure that all health and safety aspects of the event, including COVID specific measures, are properly managed and within current government COVID-19 requirements. We expect attendees to adhere to the latest government guidance when attending our events, and some extra measures that we may have put in place to keep everyone safe whilst enjoying a great experience. This includes abiding by the correct social distancing measures and using the hand washing facilities on site where appropriate.

Attendees must remain in their cars throughout the event, but can leave their cars to use the toilet facilities. Hand washing stations are provided on site and toilets will be cleaned and sanitized after each use. 

To reduce the risk of cross-contamination we ask attendees to take their own food and drink waste and packaging away with them. Although wearing masks is not mandatory, we do encourage them where possible.

Please do not come to the event if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, you will not be permitted on site. In this circumstance only, full refunds will be available. Should the event have to be cancelled for any reason, full refunds will be made to all ticket-holders by Sheffield Theatres Box Office.  

Will there be parking? 

This is a drive-in style event and therefore all attendees must attend the event in a car that can be closed to the elements. You will be expected to keep the windows closed throughout the event, and those attending in convertible cars must keep their roof in place. We ask that if you do need to open a window, please only open the window on the driver’s side of the vehicle. All cars will be parked on the outdoor paddock area within the grounds of Kenwood Hall Hotel. Our staff will instruct you on where to park on arrival. Once parked, you will not be allowed to leave your allocated bay until the end of the event. Our parking stewards will let you know when you are able to exit the site.

How many people can I bring in my car? 

The ticket price includes admission for one car into the event space. You can bring as many people as you want in one car so long as your “bubble” does not exceed the current national guidelines. We advise up to four people per car.

What if I need help from a member of staff?

If you need assistance during the event, please call the number on the flyer that you will receive on arrival and a member of staff will help you. Please also call the number if you require a first aider, but in the event of an extreme emergency then you are asked to turn on your hazard lights and sound your horn. We will be abiding by all social distancing rules during the event and ask that you do the same.

Can I leave my car engine switched on during the event?

All cars must switch their engines off once they are parked at the event. We also ask that you turn your exterior and interior car lights off once the event has started. This will ensure that there are no distractions for other attendees. Remember that it may get cold, so please bring warm clothes with you.

How will I listen?

We will provide every car with a wireless speaker on arrival. If you have any problems with the speaker, please call the number on the flyer and a member of staff will come to your car to help. We will collect the speakers from you on exit.

What if it is raining?

Generally rain will not prevent the event from going ahead, but In the unlikely event that it is considered that the weather conditions present a danger to attendees and staff, we will notify you as soon as reasonably practicable.

What if I am a wheelchair user? 

This event is accessible to wheelchair users. There will be temporary disabled toilets available next to the screening area, but please keep in mind that the screening will be taking place on a grassy paddock area that may be soft, slippery, and bumpy. If you are a wheelchair user, please advise the box office at the time of booking so that we can reserve you a suitable parking spot at the event.

Will there be toilet facilities?

Yes, there will be toilet facilities at the event. We will provide running hand washing stations and a member of staff dedicated to regularly sanitising the toilets. Please wash your hands before and after using the toilets and adhere to the queueing rules which will be clearly marked.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at offtheshelf@sheffield.ac.uk

Thank you for your support of the festival, we look forward to seeing you!

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