‘Minds’ and ‘Heroes’ by Benjamin Zephaniah

Off the Shelf 1998 (Guest curator for Off the Shelf in 2012)

(Two of three poems on Rockingham Street and Rockingham Lane)

On Rockingham Street and words like ‘workers’, ‘sinners’, ‘freedom fighters’, and intellectuals’ jump out all different kinds of people. On the Rockingham Lane side, ‘Minds’, is within the courtyard, to be seen only by resident students and their visitors


Minds. Read by Surriya Falconer, runs Falconer Associates – part of the Off the Shelf team 
Heroes. Read by Warda Yassin, Sheffield’s current Poet Laureate

Warda Yassin is an award-winning British born Somali poet and secondary school teacher based in Sheffield. She was a winner of the 2018 New Poets Prize for her debut pamphlet Tea with Cardamom (Poetry Business, published 2019). Her poetry has been published in places like The North, Magma and Oxford Poetry, and anthologised in Verse Matters (Valley Press), Anthology X (Smith|Doorstep), Halfway Smile & Surfing the Twilight (Hive). She became Sheffield Poet Laureate in October 2020.

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