Moon Landings film – Monday 7 Oct, 11am-1pm – screen locations across the city

Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, the legendary space mission that led Neil Armstrong to become the first man to walk on the Moon on 20th July 1969, writer Nat Loftus and artist Miriam Stayte have created an animated poem to be read in ‘phases’ like the moon.

We are delighted that this enchanting artwork can be viewed online and digitally as part of this year’s Off the Shelf festival.

Participants will be able to see the first transmission as it launches on multiple screens across the city, including the Digi Screen on The Moor and The Park Hill Shop (28 Pinstone Street) and more, in a ‘TV Takeover’ event reminiscent of people everywhere tuning into the televised Moon Landing back in 1969.

This story never gets old; ‘…one giant leap for mankind.’

With the kind support of the Institute of Physics

Thanks to Béton House, Park Hill by Alumno Group.

Tickets: Free, no need to book
The Park Hill Shop (front window), 26 Pinstone Street, S1 2HN

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