Othellos Sister review by Evie Proctor

Written by: Evie Proctor

‘The piece is about me and my journey and speaking to a heritage I didn’t connect with’ Lauren says.
She was born in Sheffield and then moved to Long Eaton between Derby and Nottingham, which she
says she hated; Partly because she was the only black child in a school full of white children. The
story of ‘Othello’s sister’ who she decided to call Sherronlynetta is inspired by her own childhood,
her story is intertwined by both Lauren’s and Sherronlynetta’s story and switches between the two
stories in her short play, which she is hoping to extend to an hour long.

The piece explores a sense of belonging and feeling lost, ‘where are you from from?’ one of the
many insults said to Lauren Nicole Whitter, Along with ‘why is your hair like cotton wool?’ or the
very common ‘you should go home’. This is similar to Sherronlynetta who is a Jamaican women- the
sister of Othello. Othello leaves his family and his home to be a powerful general but around white
people, she argues that he doesn’t belong there, he belongs with his family, but instead is
pretending to be someone he isn’t to fit in. The play tells the stories of people who are left behind,
when families are broken apart when men leave to make better lives for themselves and their
families as Othello did.

The story begins with her birthday party where she is alone and very drunk, she misses her brother
Othello. She refers to other characters in the play such as Desdemona who she hates, although both
strong women want Othello. Sherronlynetta works in a law firm, Lauren said this was a conscious
decision to portray a strong, independent black women with a much more positive light than want
black women are often portrayed as; she didn’t want her to be a downtrodden housewife with six

Characters such as Iago have not yet been mentioned, however, Lauren says that she hopes to bring
more of Shakespeare’s Othello into her final piece including the very tragic ending, I believe this will
be an interesting way of seeing how the tragedy of the play effected Othello’s family at home.
Lauren is very interested in the thoughts and feelings of the characters which we didn’t necessarily
see in the original Shakespeare’s play. I am very much hoping that we will see more of Lauren Nicole
Whitter’s work soon and can find out the end of the fascinating story of ‘Othello’s sister’.

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