Tickets on sale Monday 14 September

We are delighted to announce that tickets for Off the Shelf 2020 will go on sale on Monday 14 September at 10am.

This year there will be a mix of free online events and ticketed live on stage/live stream events. There are a very limited number of tickets available for the paid for live on stage events and we don’t want you to miss out on these. If you are interested in attending any of these events we would encourage you to secure your tickets soon after they go on sale.

Ticketed live events are:

  • 11 Oct – The Poet Laureate’s Drive-in, Simon Armitage (Kenwood Hall Hotel)
  • 12 Oct – Live with the Sheffield Laureate, Otis Mensah, Warda Yassin and Majid MajidĀ (Crucible Theatre)
  • 16 Oct – One In, All In – Football Poetry, Ian MacMillan and poets from Wild West Press (Crucible Theatre)
  • 17 Oct – My Name is Why, Lemn Sissay (Octagon)
  • 18 Oct – Sheffield Castle, Professor John Moreland and Professor Dawn Hadley (Octagon)
  • 18 Oct – Broken Green, Pete Paphides (Octagon)
  • 19 Oct – Never Leave the Dog Behind, Helen Mort (Crucible Theatre)
  • 20 Oct – I Am Not Your Baby Mother, Candice Brathwaite (Crucible Theatre)
  • 22 Oct – The Nanny State Made Me, Stuart Maconie (Crucible Theatre)
  • 24 Oct – Women of Steel, Michelle Rawlins (Octagon)
  • 25 Oct – Hope in Hell, Jonathon Porritt (Octagon)
  • 25 Oct – The Prosecutor, Nazir Afzal (Octagon)
  • 26 Oct – Remarkable People, Dan Walker (Crucible Theatre)
  • 31 Oct – Long Way Home, Dan Jarvis (Octagon)

Tickets can only be booked online and you can book tickets on Monday here.

We appreciate your support of the festival and look forward to seeing you at our events this October.

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