Women’s Suffrage Tour of Sheffield

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On 6th February 1918, after decades of struggle, the Representation of the People Act finally gave the vote to some women – specifically those over the age of 30 who owned property, or who were married to a man who did. Sheffield was right there at the very beginning of the organised movement and, over the years, the suffrage campaign resonated in many of its buildings and public spaces (some now long gone). This self guided tour maps out some of these significant sites of suffrage.

Discover stories of pilgrimages and rousing speeches, riots and bombs. Get to know the Pankhurst sister who spent a few years causing trouble in the city, the suffragettes who rallied together with their militant “deeds not words” tactics, and the law-abiding suffragists who focussed on appealing to reason.

You won’t find plaques commemorating most of these people or events, but each deserves to be remembered for the part they played in the ongoing march towards equality.

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Produced by Off the Shelf Festival of Words to celebrate Suffrage 100 in 2018. Funded by the University of Sheffield’s Alumni Fund Departmental Grant.

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